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Mitsubishi L200

Showing The World How It's Done

The L200 is the only pick-up that can be driven in 2WD or 4WD on any surface including tarmac. Driving in 2WD gives fuel saving efficiencies, while the 4WD mode provides better traction in wet or slippery conditions and more stability when towing. Capable of over 700 miles on a single tank of fuel, the L200 Series 5 take you farther than ever before with a brand new MIVEC diesel engine that doesn't sacrifice power or efficiency. It has a total load capacity of 4,090kg and is equipped with Trailer Stability Assist making towing safer than ever. With a turning radius of just 5.9 metres, improved steering ratio and a brand new MIVEC engine, the L200 Series 5 is the most dynamic driving pick-up truck on the market.

Mitsubishi took the L200 Series 5 on the road trip of a lifetime to test the best in class features that make the award-winning L200 Series 5 the greatest pick up they've ever made. From the Mitsubishi base in the UK they drove all the way down to North Africa to test it in the most demanding conditions they could find.





4WD Ability