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Suzuki Maintenance Videos - SMC TV

Once you've got your hands on a Suzuki, you'll want to get to know it inside and out. So we've created 15 short videos that walk you through everything from locating the VIN, to checking the engine oil, to jump starting the car. Just choose from the menu below to watch a "How To" video.

How do I check the engine oil?

What about the windscreen washer fluid and wipers?

What do I need to know about brake safety?

What should I look for when checking my tyres?

Do I need to worry about fuses?

What do I need to know about light bulbs?

What do I do if I need to jump start my Suzuki?

How do I tow or get towed safely?

What does this acronym mean?


How do I check the engine coolant?

How do I keep my Air Conditioning System healthy?

What do I need to know about body maintenance?

Tell me about VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

How important is servicing?

Does Suzuki have a vehicle recovery service?