New 2018 Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has always demonstrated the ability of taking a popular everyday car and breathing some extra life into it to create something truly remarkable. It really started back in the 1970s with the Rallye Sport versions of the Ford Escort. Today, these are among the most sought after and iconic classic cars of the era.

In the early 2000s, the Sports Technology version of the Focus meant that the letters ST became as well-known as RS in the world of sporting Fords, with the ST version joining the Fiesta range soon after.

Ford’s eighth generation of the Fiesta has just hit the showrooms and the ST variant will not be far behind it, arriving in early 2018. In many ways, the Ford Fiesta ST sums up what Ford is all about — taking a car that has been the nation’s most popular supermini for more than 40 years, and creating a sporting version that has set pulses racing amongst motoring journalists, who are notoriously hard to impress. There can be little doubt that in years to come, the Ford Fiesta ST will be spoken about in the same revered tones that are currently reserved for those early Escort RS2000s.


Let’s cut to the chase — anyone interested in a Ford Fiesta ST wants to know what’s under the bonnet. Ford has created a new 1.5 litre version of its ground-breaking Ecoboost engine. The existing 1.0 litre used in other models has won multiple awards and has astounded critics with the phenomenal power exhibited from such a small and economical unit, so a 1.5 litre version will be truly exceptional.

The Fiesta ST will generate 197bhp and 290Nm of torque — these compare well with the 182bhp and 240Nm produced by the outgoing 1.6 litre version and equate to a 0 – 62mph time of 6.7 seconds. Maximum speed has yet to be formally stated, but for anyone with access to a racetrack or planning a trip on the autobahn, around the 140mph mark is likely.

All that power needs the right technology at the wheels, and when it comes to handling, the Fiesta ST does not disappoint. The experts at Ford’s performance division have spent long hours poring over the chassis and suspension to turn what was already a very capable and nimble car into something that grips the road as if it was on rails.


The Ford Fiesta ST will be available in three or five door form, providing the versatility that has made the manufacturer such a household name.

Behind the wheel, there are more options for personalisation than ever. There will be a choice of styling packs available, allowing you to choose the trim and finish that you prefer. In the tradition of hot hatches, Recaro seats will come as standard, along with a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel.

But the personalisation does not end there. Once you have climbed aboard, you can adjust the brake and throttle control, the steering sensitivity and the drive mode, making every journey a unique experience.

The all new Fiesta ST will be available early next year. To register your interest, please get in touch with your local SMC Ford team.

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