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Behind the scenes: the all new Ford Fiesta​

We have recently been doing a photoshoot and filming of the all new Ford Fiesta 2017 at our FordStore in Crayford. The footage will be used in our forthcoming marketing campaigns across various digital platforms. We promise to keep you posted both here and on our social channels once the final edits are ready.

New Ford Fiesta in the Showroom
New Ford Fiesta in the Showroom

The new Fiesta looks breath-taking in real life but the new model it definitely also doing a great job in front of the camera. Here you can see some behind the scenes shoots from the showroom where we feature the Fiesta Titanium 5 door in Frozen White. This specific model had a couple of extras added such as openable panorama roof and not to forget the B&O PLAY Premium audio system with 360° sound that includes no less than 10 speakers and a build in subwoofer. We can only recommend you to drop by one of our showrooms to experience the B&O PLAY system, its taking automobile sound system to the next level. The new Fiesta is now available to test drive from any of our Ford Dealerships.

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