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SMC Ford Summer Check


SMC Ford Summer Check for only £19.99​​

Get your car ready for the summer season with our comprehensive 30-Point SMC Ford Summer Check.

The Ford Summer Check involves a thorough check of 30 safety items. These includes:

  • Battery and alternator condition
  • Exhaust condition
  • Tyre condition and pressure
  • Steering and suspension check
  • Cooling system condition and levels
  • Brake condition and fluid level
  • Engine oil level
  • Wiper blade condition
  • Anti-freeze top-up*
  • Screen wash top-up*
  • Condition of exterior lights

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Air Conditioning Refresh

Nasty odours in your vehicle are caused by bacteria which build up over time in the air conditioning system and circulate in your car. A simple anti-bacterial treatment will cleanse the system, ensuring that you're breathing fresh air in your vehicle and nothing else. Recommended annually, especially useful for people with hay fever or asthma.

Summer Check with Anti-bacterial Treatment from £19.99

Air Conditioning service and recharge

Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance in order to keep it functioning properly. Around 10% of refrigerant gas can seep out of your air conditioning system each year. If there is insufficient refrigerant charge, not only can your system not operate effectively, but it could potentially lead to internal system damage. Like many other parts of your vehicle, your air conditioning system should be serviced regularly. This involves recharging the system with gas and lubricant as well as removing all moisture and debris.

Summer Check with Full Air Conditioning Service from £49.99

No one knows your Ford better than us...

... so you can be assured that your car will be given the best service possible with:

  • Our Ford-trained technicians
  • The latest Ford diagnostic equipment and tools
  • Ford quality parts

Keep your vehicle in tip-top condition with the SMC Ford Summer Check