Suzuki Vehicle Valuations at SMC

If you are looking to sell your current car, then SMC can help. Our friendly and expert team can provide a hassle-free, no obligation service where you can get an accurate quote for the true value of your vehicle. While we do specialise in Suzuki, we can value any car and are happy to consider a part exchange if you’re interested in a new Suzuki. Not only is our service free, but we’ll also discuss with you a range of options to help you in the process of selling your car.

Getting a valuation for your car online is easy. Simply enter your car’s registration number, followed by your personal contact details and you will receive your valuation straight away.

While this online valuation can take just seconds, you can also bring your vehicle into one of our specialist Suzuki retail centres and we will happily value your car in person. Many people opt to do this as it provides them with a more specific and accurate valuation. It gives you the opportunity to discuss any of your queries about selling your car and we will be able to give informed advice. We can also inspect any dents, scratches or other elements which you think might reduce the selling price.

SMC is an honest and reliable motor group with many years of experience. We have Suzuki specialist centres located across the south and south-east of England in Hillingdon and Sittingbourne. Either of these centres will be happy to welcome you and give you a free valuation on your car.

Once you have a valuation, you can easily budget for your next car. Visit us to discuss a part exchange deal, and enjoy a test drive in any Suzuki, from the Swift to the Vitara and SX4-Cross. So why not see how much your vehicle is worth today?

To speak to one of the team for more information on valuing your vehicle, or to hear more about any of our services, get in touch today. Call now or enquire online and one of the team will get back to you.

Terms and Conditions

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Valuations provided by CAP Abbreviated Terms and Conditions Please note that the On-Line valuation figures presented to you at this stage are calculated and provided by a third party. At SMC, we realise that vehicle valuations are very important to you, our customer. The guide prices shown above are split into three categories with a brief description of each. Any Valuation given through our site or by email (On-Line Valuation) is a valuation based upon what you tell us about the car (Car) and not a price at which we are willing to buy the Car. This On-Line Valuation will expire after 7 days, in order for SMC to confirm an On-Line Valuation, presentation of the follow-up email needs to be shown at any SMC dealership so we can carry out an On-Site Inspection / Full Appraisal. This On-Line Valuation / email is not a contractual offer to buy your vehicle. On-site Inspection / Appraisal: We appreciate that not all customers are experts in assessing the condition of their car therefore, in order to confirm the valuation, we will need to see your vehicle at one of our locations where we always carry out an On-Site Inspection / Appraisal of a vehicle where it will be fully and fairly appraised, including a road test before we can confirm the On-Line Valuation or offer to buy your car. If we consider that its value is affected by any aspect of its history or condition, including any unusual feature or customisation, which was not apparent to us when we gave the On-line Valuation, the price that we offer for it will differ from the On-line Valuation. A vehicle will only be purchased where you are the legal owner, supported by the correct V5 documentation and once a full appraisal and road test has been completed at one of our locations For Full Terms and Conditions visit