New 2018 Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit has been a mainstay of British roads for an astonishing half-century. When it first appeared in the mid-1960s, it was light-years ahead of anything the commercial vehicle market had seen before in terms of driveability, reliability and performance. With every new evolution of the Transit, Ford has continued to innovate — the forthcoming 2018 Custom will be no different.

49mpg fuel economy

Ford’s multi award-winning EcoBlue 2.0 litre diesel engine will form the basis of the range, but a plug-in hybrid version will hit the forecourts shortly after launch.

There will also be an ultra-fuel efficient ECOnetic strand of the SWB 300 version, which returns an astonishing 49.6mpg, thanks to its specially calibrated engine, stop/start technology and a 62mph speed limiter. Perfect for businesses that do a lot of local miles around towns and villages.


Like all its predecessors, the new Transit Custom is available in a huge range of sizes and styles to suit any and every individual or business. These include long and short wheelbase, twin cab, high and low roof and a whole range of payload options, right up to 1,450kg.

Interior comfort

One of the most notable features that really set the earliest Transits apart was their drivability. These were the first commercial vehicles that car drivers felt comfortable driving without needing some sort of extra tuition. These days, modern vans are more like cars than ever when you get behind the wheel, but Ford has taken this to a new and exciting level with the new Transit Custom.

Even before you get in, the Custom has more of a car-like “face,” thanks to its heavily redesigned grille. Strap in and you might be forgiven for thinking you are in an overgrown Fiesta — unsurprising, as its interior is based on that of its smaller cousin. The whole cabin feels comfortable and of high quality.

This is not, however, at the expense of durability. The Custom is, at heart, a solid workhorse, and despite the car-like feel, the interior still boasts those hardwearing materials that are designed to withstand the rigours of drivers and passengers in overalls and work boots.


Ford passenger cars have been getting drivers very excited over recent months with the SYNC 3 infotainment system, which features a touchscreen control panel and performs a whole host of functions. This is also available on the new Transit Custom and can bring even greater functionality when paired up with the FordPass app on your mobile phone. It also comes with a docking system and connectivity software for your Apple or Android smartphone for increased accessibility and versatility.

Coming soon

This new model will be the most exciting version of Britain’s most popular and long-standing commercial vehicle yet. It will be available in early 2018, but if you would like more details or wanted to register an interest, please get in touch with us at SMC Ford. We would be delighted to discuss your needs.

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