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SMC is offering free tyre safety checks during October

Keeping your tyres correctly inflated will improve your fuel consumption, help your tyres last longer and reduce your breaking distance.

A study from TyreSafe* has revealed that motorists in Britain could be spending up to £600 million on unnecessary fuel bills.

TyreSafe suggests that over 50% of car and van tyres on the roads are being driven below recommended inflation pressures, increasing vehicles’ fuel consumption and the risk of being involved in an incident.

As air pressure is key to how your vehicle accelerates, brakes and corners, this year’s Tyre Safety Month campaign – Having a Good or Bad Air Day?, aims to encourage motorists to check their tyre pressures at least once a month.

All of the SMC Ford Transit dealerships are offering a free tyre safety checks which include tyre pressures.

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Good Practice

Checking your tyre pressures is quick and easy. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Check your pressures at least once a month or before any long journeys
  • Check your pressures when the tyres are cold before you have driven more than a couple of miles
  • Check the pressure in all four tyres and don’t forget the spare
  • Use an accurate and reliable pressure gauge
  • Set your pressures according to the recommended settings. They can be found in your owner’s manual, inside the fuel filler cap or on the driver’s door pillar. Pressures can vary depending on load, speed and types of tyres, so if you’re not sure, just ask your Ford Dealer
  • If you are planning a journey with a full load don’t forget that your tyre pressures should be increased in line with the recommendation in the handbook
  • When checking the pressures, also give each tyre a visual inspection to ensure it is in good condition. Look out for any bulges, lumps or cuts and remove any stones from the tread. If something doesn’t look right, have it inspected immediately by a tyre professional
  • Remember to replace the valve caps securely after checking the tyre pressures

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*TyreSafe is the UK’s charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres.