Why join the SMC Team?

Our mission statement is simple:

At SMC we want to be recognised for delivering an outstanding customer experience through engaged, empowered, valued and trusted team members.

The SMC Cars vision

By having a single, clear vision and a defined set of values, we can make sure that every single member of our team is working towards the same goals. They put our internal standards at high benchmarks that we always strive to achieve – and show customers that we're serious about delivering the finest service.

Empowering our team

We recognise and encourage new thinking and great ideas from our employees. The automotive industry changes and develops on a frequent basis, so we understand just how important it is to encourage our teams to grow, make suggestions and contribute to the success of each dealership.

The long-term vision of the SMC Cars group takes every team member's personal aspirations into consideration. Every person and opinion is equally valued – and we give our employees the tools and resources to achieve their own desired goals.

Customer care and social responsibility

Our primary aim is to become the trusted and respected name for customer support in all of the communities we serve by providing comprehensive service for everyone who contacts us.

We also take a keen interest in our local regions, supporting businesses with tailored fleet solutions and meeting the widest variety of customer needs. In this way we hope to have an economic and social impact on each community and make it a better place.

To become part of the forward-thinking team at any SMC Cars dealership in the south-east of England, please check our current vacancies and apply for a suitable position. You can also register your interest to be automatically informed of future job postings.