New Ford Focus 2018 - #TimeToFocus

The New Ford Focus has been spotted in the UK, coming soon to SMC Ford dealerships in Kent, London & Berkshire.

What's New?

Well we can only reveal so much, but as with every Ford we are always moving forward, so expect better technology, more advanced features and the latest engineering talent to improve one of Britain's best selling cars.

New Grille

Slightly taller than the previous generation's with a straight bar front grille design, unlike the hexagonal style of the Focus estate seen tearing around Nurburgring earlier this year. As you can see from the images however there will be different styles, just like the range of All New Fiestas.

LED Lights

The new LED front strip lights and updated taillights are quite obvious in images of the new Focus, displaying a refreshed design with new technology integration.

Angular Fog Lights

...and you'll just have to wait and see what's happening with those fog lights, but they look quite shiny regardless. Really giving the design a newer more tough angular appeal, a compliment to the smooth curves of the fiesta. There's something for everyone with Ford.

All New Fiesta, All New Screen Console

Following suit from the cleaner, less cluttered central dash and 8" infotainment system of the All New Fiesta, you can expect much of the same features with a more Focus styling concept.


With the All New Fiesta Active being announced soon for release you can expect the same for the Focus range, however there is potential here for an Intelligent All Wheel Drive version of the Focus Active, much like the New EcoSport, but in a more lower, more saloon package.


The Focus can be specced with level 2 autonomy; featuring Co-Pilot 360 with Adaptive Cruise Control, Sign Recognition, Stop & Go and Lane Centering. Also featured will be improved Active Park assist, cyclist detection on top of the full suite of All New Fiesta, new features already announced.

Look Cool & Be Safe...

With new full-LED headlights featuring anti-dazzle functionality and automatic beam adjustments. The new design not only looks good, but is packed full of features to keep you and other drivers safe. It even helps you look cool with a new super-bright head up display - the only one on the market that can be safely read through polarised lenses.


Yes that's right, everything has WiFi now, even your car. With the FordPass Connect, add 10 devices to the network and provide updates to sat your car. And yes even the phone charger is wireless too.

EcoBoost & EcoBlue

With emissions as low as 91g/km and upto 180bhp, there's a whole host of engine sizes to choose from; all optimised for efficiency in emissions and power output.

Browse the all new images of the Ford Focus 2018 edition here at SMC Ford and register your interest for when they hit showrooms later this year.

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