2018 All-New Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has always demonstrated the ability of taking a popular, everyday car and breathing some extra life into it to create something truly remarkable. It really started back in the 1970s with the Rallye Sport versions of the Ford Escort. Today, these are among the most sought after and iconic classic cars of the era.

In the early 2000s, the Sports Technology version of the Focus meant that the letters ST became as well-known as RS in the world of sporting Fords, with the ST version joining the Fiesta range soon after.

Ford’s latest ST has just hit the showrooms. In many ways, the Ford Fiesta ST sums up what Ford is all about — taking a car that has been the nation’s most popular supermini for more than 40 years and creating a sporting version that has set pulses racing amongst motoring journalists, who are notoriously hard to impress. There can be little doubt that in years to come, the Ford Fiesta ST will be spoken about in the same revered tones that are currently reserved for those early Escort RS2000s.


Let’s cut to the chase — anyone interested in a Ford Fiesta ST wants to know what’s under the bonnet. Ford has created a new 1.5-litre version of its ground-breaking EcoBoost engine. The existing 1.0 litre used in other models has won multiple awards and has astounded critics with the phenomenal power exhibited from such a small and economical unit, so a 1.5-litre version will be truly exceptional.

The Fiesta ST generates 197bhp (200PS) and 290Nm of torque — these compare well with the 182bhp and 240Nm produced by the outgoing 1.6 litre version and equate to a 0–60mph time of 6.5 seconds and an alleged maximum speed of 144mph flat out.

All that power needs the right technology at the wheels and when it comes to handling, the Fiesta ST does not disappoint. The experts at Ford’s performance division have spent long hours pouring over the chassis and suspension to turn what was already a very capable and nimble car into something that grips the road as if it was on rails.

It's on LSD?

Well close, it comes with an all-new Limited Slip Differential system to enhance cornering traction, one of the many all-new features of the 2018 Fiesta ST.

If you love it, put a patent on it...

And that's exactly what they did. Patented force vectoring control springs provide a sharper response to the wheel generating a fully engaging and importantly fun experience. If the track is a bit slippy and you want to get the jump on that launch, the fully integrated display Launch Control give you full control of your drive.

Daily driver comforts

Let's be honest, you won't be driving like Louise Cook every day in the video below. So the award-winning EcoBoost engine gets an added new feature taking its already compressed and efficient 3 cylinders down to two when you don't need them. What!?! Even fewer cylinders?! No, don't worry – when you need the power, it's ready. You plant you foot and it will pounce with 200PS, the full 1.5 litres, all cylinders firing. But when you get onto the motorway and reach a cruising speed, especially sitting in 50mph on the M1 stretch, the cylinder deactivation will save 11% fuel efficiency. So take the best of both worlds – a calm kitten to match your mood and a powerful lion when you want it.

You choose your drive

Selectable drive modes of "Normal", "Sport" and "Track" give you control of how you're going to be driving today. With multiple automated processes tied to each option, you can transform your All-New Fiesta ST from a flexible, everyday hatchback to a track-attack sports car. And don't forget this is still based on all the new technology of the base model, so expect to still maintain all creature comforts even with you new track toy.

new fiesta st 2018 in red
new fiesta 2018 wheels
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The Ford Fiesta ST will be available in three or five-door form, providing the versatility that has made the manufacturer such a household name.

Behind the wheel, there are more options for personalisation than ever. There will be a choice of styling packs available, allowing you to choose the trim and finish that you prefer. In the tradition of hot hatches, Recaro seats will come as standard, along with a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel.

The personalisation does not end there though. Once you have climbed aboard, you can adjust the brake and throttle control, the steering sensitivity and the drive mode, making every journey a unique experience. Plus, with the premium level, 675-watt, 10-speaker, specially tuned  B&O PLAY audio system​ you'll have the perfect soundtrack, whatever your taste in music​.

The All-New Fiesta ST is available now!

To register your interest, please get in touch with your local SMC Ford team.

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New 2018 Ford Fiesta ST Wheels
New 2018 Ford Fiesta ST Interior
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2018 All-New Fiesta ST Specifications

Stats! Cold, hard stats to nerd out on...


SYNC 3 – 8" touchscreen

B&O PLAY – 675 watts, surround sound audio

Lane Keeping Alert, Traffic Sign Recognition, Active Park Assist, Pre-Collision Assist


Quaife LSD

 Limits torque distribution on a wheel that is losing grip and directs it to the wheels with grip delivering faster and more controlling cornering.

 Combined with Torque Vectoring Control which will reduce understeer by braking the inside front wheel when cornering, Ford Performance has fine-tuned the systems in synergy for optimum control on all surfaces.


The new twist beam rear suspension combines directionally wound springs to apply vectoring force to the rear suspension directly into the spring increasing lateral stiffness.

This improves;

 Turn in response and overall steering and directional responsiveness.

 A 10kg weight reduction on Watt's linkage solution

 Compatibility with suspension dampers with no compromise to comfort.

​ Tenneco twin-tube front and mono-tube rear dampers use RC1 valve technology for frequency dependant dampening, for enhanced body control at high speeds when combined with the 1'400Nm/Deg rear twist-beam roll stiffness.

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Using steering wheel controls to activate the 4.2" display, select launch mode and follow the instructions. By holding the throttle fully open, the display will populate indicating it's readiness for launch and hold itself at the rev limit. Release the clutch and the Electronic Stability Control system will tether Traction Control, Torque Vectoring and Torque Steer Compensation systems to manage power and torque for maximum pull.

With 1.5L EcoBoost turbocharging, high pressure fuel injection with Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing across three cylinders to deliver 200PS at 6'000rpm and 290Nm of torque from 1'600 to 4000rpm; achieving 0-62mph in just 6.5 seconds up to 144 mph where appropriate.

Drive modes


• Natural responsiveness, tuned TCS, ESC, Active Exhaust and Electronic power steering.


• Engine mapped and throttle pedal tuned for faster response and sharper reactions.

• EPAS (electronic power steering) tuned for more feedback and finer control in fast driving.

• Active noise control exhaust opened to intensify sporty exhaust note.


• All dynamics tuned for fast lap-times, TCS disabled, ESC using wide-slip mode for hard circuit driving.

New to the form, EPAS calibration uses a 12:1 steering ratio – the fastest of any Ford Performance model and 14 per cent faster than the previous generation Fiesta ST200. Also featured are high performance braking with 278 mm vented front and 253 mm solid rear discs.

The driver’s seat offers a unique-to-segment combination of seat-back angle and seat-base tilt adjustment.

“Drivers need look no further than the all-new Fiesta ST to understand what Ford means when we explain that ST stands for Sports Technologies,”, “Every performance function of this car has been enhanced with innovation.” -- Leo Roeks, Ford Performance director, Europe.

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