Bee Stronger with the New Ford EcoSport

Utilising the power of beehives and honeycomb pattern strength - the New EcoSport boot loader houses a hidden adjustable compartment able to withstand 300kg, weighing only 3kg.

Honeycomb Shelf

The 3kg shelf is capable of maintaining a 300kg load by utilising the strength of the honeycomb pattern. Supporting 100 times its own weight, the secret boot shelf has a strength-to-weight ratio stronger than steel. This means you can safely conceal valuables under the shelf like laptops and cameras, or fragile items, like glass or souvenirs from your trip to the coast. Then, as you throw all your suitcases or surfing / camping equipment in the back you can rest assured that your valuables are safe underneath.

“Nature is like one big innovation laboratory, and from bees to termites to beavers, animals are some of the world’s best engineers,”

“The honeycomb’s ability to deliver strength without adding weight has already been put to good use in extreme applications like space rockets, jet planes and supercars, making it the natural choice to provide a super-strong platform for the EcoSport’s boot space.”
- Bettina Veith, Ford EcoSport assistant chief engineer.

To create the “Honeycomb Shelf”, engineers sandwiched a layer of honeycomb-like cells consisting of recycled paper and a water-based glue between two layers of light and durable fibreglass. The lightweight solution also benefits fuel efficiency.

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