ranger raptor launch uk

Is the UK ready for a Raptor Ranger?

The new Ranger Raptor has launched in the Asia-Pacific region, quite literally off the ground. Like a baby F-150, a more manageable beast, like what the New Ford EcoSport is to the Edge.

Ford has revealed the Ranger Raptor, the Ranger with teeth, and claws and a pretty nasty growl. This pick-up truck combines a 2.0-litre twin-turbocharged diesel engine that provides 210bhp and 369lb ft.

Performance figures are somewhere in the sand, but sub-10-sec 0-60mph times can be expected, maybe even over the dunes. The larger, 450bhp V6-engined F-150 Raptor achieves the sprint in 6.1sec, while the 3.2-litre TDCi-engined Ranger M-Sport Double Cab takes 10.6sec.

Now it may not seem like a car the UK needs, but if it is the car we want, it might well hit our shores for some true country bump-kin hooniganism. The Ford Ranger is already an incredibly capable car, and now it's been put on steroids and told it can out and party all night.

At the moment, the Ranger Raptor is being introduced to Asian markets only, but it's under consideration for American and European markets, including the UK.


- Fox Racing shock absorbers

- Watt's linkage system with coilovers.

- 10-speed automatic gearbox, with paddle shifters mounted on the steering column as with the 2018 Mustang.

- 283mm ground clearance while the front and rear tracks have been widened to 1710mm.

- Six selectable driving modes, with Normal and Sport the on-road modes and four off-road drive modes for; Grass, Gravel and Snow; Mud and Sand; Rock; and Baja, which brings the benefits of Sport while scaling back interference from the traction control for high-speed off-road driving.

Ford Ranger Raptor Images

Ford Ranger Raptor on sand dunes
ford ranger raptor in jungle 4x4
ford ranger raptor sand high speed
ford ranger coilovers shock suspension
ford ranger 2019 raptor
ford ranger raptor dust desert
ford ranger paddles 10 speed automatic

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