Ford KA+ Review

Our very own Social Media Executive took the new Ford KA+ for a 180 mile test drive. Let's see what he had to say about his experience!

Bigger, bolder and better than before!

22 November 2016 | David Ward

Rating: ★★★★

The KA has always been the entry level to Ford ownership, ever since it emerged onto our streets in 1996 and revolutionised the city car sector. Known for its compact styling and affordability, it has often been the perfect choice for a first car for many of us. The latest, third generation, model has been re-named the KA+ and it is clear that Ford have aimed to follow the market trend by offering more for the price of less.

To test Ford’s new city car I took a demo for a 180 mile test drive around London; from cruising at 70mph to battling gridlock traffic. Having driven the previous two generations of the KA, my first impressions were just how noticeable its Fiesta underpinnings were. With its Zetec trim and impressive kit, including Cruise Control and Rear Parking Sensors, the KA+ offered a more comfortable and convenient experience than its predecessors. From three-point turns in narrow streets to parallel parking in tight spaces, the equipment available on the KA+ make it more practical than ever before.

Granted, as an owner of a Fiesta ST Line, it took a short while to get used to the acceleration of the KA+’s 85PS engine. If you are looking for faster speed, a bit more space and some more luxury extras then upgrading to the Fiesta makes perfect sense. But if you are looking for a small city car that is more affordable, easy-to-use and a joy to drive then the KA+ would without doubt be a great option. With the new features of the KA+, it is clear as to why Ford describe it as ‘big for the price of small’.

Ford KA+