New Ford Mustang BULLITT in UK June 2018

SMC Ford are proud to announce the arrival of the special 50th anniversary edition of the New Ford Mustang, still an icon of cinema and design, still driven by a McQueen.

ford mustang bullitt interior
ford mustang bullitt central display

Inspired by History, still Brand New

The updated model takes everything that has been improved and enhanced by the 2018 new Mustang, such as the 12" digital display, Recaro seats and stock performance enhancements - and resolves it past 4K with numerous salutes to the silver screen heritage.

To deliver the cinematic experience, alongside the 464PS and 529Nm torque powered by an enhanced 5.0L V8 from the Shelby GT350; comes 1000 watts from B&OPLAY and 12 high-performance speakers to surround yourself in beautiful audio whether that's "Shifting Gears" or burning rubber.

This 50th anniversary special edition Mustang will transport you back in time with original styling and bespoke design, whilst maintaining modern comforts and utilising new technology for maximum Mustang muscle. The BULLITT provides that true silver screen cinematic experience, whether you're behind the wheel or turning heads to glimpse it as you hear the classic V8 burble down the street.

ford mustang bullitt on the road

Performance meets Style

The enhanced V8 uses open air induction with an intake manifold and 87mm throttle bodies to produce proper analog power. Combined with new rev-matching technology visible via the digital instrument display, creates a symbiosis between man and machine delivering smoother gear changes and the satisfying V8 'blip' - you'll be shifting like Fast&Furious just to enjoy it.

Available in a classic Shadow Black or very 1968 Dark Highland Green, no matter the body colour get ready to compliment the angry air eating angles with 19" Torq Thrust style wheels, bold red Brembo brakes and a Bullitt style fuel filler cap to complete the look.

Step inside and enjoy the racing security of Recaro sports seats as an option, or relax in comfort with the standard seating customised with stitching to reflect the exterior body colour. As with all new Mustang's there's plenty of technology in the central LCD instrument cluster to look at through the steering wheel as you're living out your Steve McQueen fantasies.

Ford’s sophisticated MagneRide adjustable suspension system is also offered, and uses an electronically stimulated fluid inside the damper to respond in real time to changing road conditions, optimising handling without sacrificing ride comfort. An active valve performance exhaust system is standard, enhancing the V8 engine’s signature burble.

But this car is all about the details. Look to your left at the passengers dashboard and remember your individually numbered plaque showing you how unique and special this car is - as if you'd forgotten at this point...

ford mustang 1968 bullitt engine bay
ford mustang bullitt cue ball gearshift
new for mustang 2018 bullitt edition
mustang bullitt rear end ford
mustang bullitt 2018 front grille
“Nothing captured the spirit and excitement of Mustang quite like that amazing car chase in ‘Bullitt’,” “The new Mustang Bullitt will pack a similar punch when it goes on sale this year with more power, exciting new features like rev-matching and B&O PLAY audio, and – just like Steve McQueen – dripping with understated cool.” -- Steven Armstrong, Ford VP Europe.
ford mustang bullity rear badge
ford mustang brembo brakes bullitt
ford mustang bullet headlight detail

It's all in the details...

Many people enjoy rewatching films to find the hidden details in the backgrounds of shots, or to enjoy a line again and see a film in a different way. The Mustang BULLITT is no exception. Pick an angle and the light will reflect in just the right way to make the car look cinematic, look back at it again and you'll notice the curves have shifted and what's that? A small embossed mustang pony in the corner of its eye, a dropped angle on the black alloys making them appear to be bracing onto the rims to hold in the power. There's some hidden gems inside too...

As a BULLITT edition owner, you deserve the red carpet to rolled out for you, so touch on the welcome screen and on display a unique BULLITT welcome screen that starts in green with an image of the car rather than the pony. Put the car into gear and you'll notice the bespoke cue ball gearshift nob - and instant time-warp back to that 10 minute San Francisco chase scene.

Look out the windows and you'll notice a subtle trim of chrome accents around the grille and front windows to compliment the unique front black grille. And much to its heritage, there's no need for any fancy labels or badges, so these have been removed to complete the clean look and feel both inside and out.

“This new Bullitt is my favourite Mustang – devoid of stripes, spoilers and badges,” “It doesn’t need to scream about anything – it’s just cool.” -- Darrell Behmer, Chief Designer.
mustang bullitt side on green heritage
mustang 50 years bullitt ford

Ford enlisted the support of third-generation members of the McQueen family, Chase and Madison, to unveil the new Mustang Bullitt in Europe. Steve McQueen’s grandchildren – supported by their father, Chad McQueen – starred in their own car-chase scene set in the Swiss Alps surrounding Geneva, a homage to the iconic “Bullitt” chase-scene that still resonates with movie fans today.

“At home we're surrounded by memorabilia and reminders of our grandfather's role in ‘Bullitt’, and we've watched the film more times than I can remember, so to be part of launching the third-generation Mustang Bullitt here in Europe has been a special experience,” -- Chase McQueen.

“Our dad, Chad, taught us to drive in Fords along the Californian coastal roads, so it’s been amazing working alongside him and this new car. We were over the moon that Ford and the Steve McQueen estate were recently able to donate the first new Mustang Bullitt VIN 001 for auction, raising $300,000 for charity," -- Madison McQueen.

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