Ford announces new safety technology​

By 2018, the struggles of parallel parking will be a thing of the past thanks to Ford’s new safety technologies that do all the hard work for you. It doesn’t end at parking; the brand has developed systems that help you avoid collisions on roads too.

75% of people admit they get nervous parallel parking in front of people. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get into a town centre spot with a queue of traffic building behind you. In fact, 15% of people say they try to avoid it all together1. So Ford has decided to do something about it, and physically take the stress out of your hands with its newly developed systems.

Enhanced Active Park Assist is perhaps Ford’s most ingenious technology. All you have to do is a press a button and it will steer you into the spot, taking care of the gear shifts too. If it all makes you feel a bit nervous, then rest assured that there’s nothing stopping you pressing your foot on the brake.

So that’s parallel parking covered, but what about bay parking in a busy supermarket car park? Ford has two handy systems to help you here too. Cross Traffic Alert uses sensors in the tail of the car to detect any hazards (cars, bikes or people) that are approaching behind so you don’t miss them when you’re reversing out of the spot. The Rear Wide View Camera works in a similar way, physically showing a wide area behind the car on the screen in the dashboard.

Ford Parking Sensors System
Ford Safety Technology
Ford Enhanced Active Park Assist

While you’re on the motorway, Evasive Steering Assist uses sensors in the front of the car to detect any slow-moving cars that could be potential hazards. When a collision is imminent, it will steer you out of the way onto the next lane. If it’s unsafe to do so, it will apply the brakes.

The final new addition to Ford’s latest safety technology portfolio is Wrong Way Alert which uses radars, your satellite navigation and a camera to tell you if you have gone through No Entry signs. The message rings immediately so you can stop and turn around.

Ford already has a wide range of safety systems on its new cars. Speak to SMC Ford about these innovative technologies and our range special offers by contacting your nearest dealership.