Top Gear 2017 Awards

Best Track Car - Ford GT

Best Supermini - All New Fiesta

Top Gear Awards 2017 - all new fiesta and ford gt

All New Ford Fiesta - Top Gear's 2017 Supermini of the Year

"The genius of the Fiesta Mk8, and why it's TopGear's favourite supermini, is how it's kept what we loved about the old one (chuck-able, forgiving handling, strong engines) and solved pokey-space, a dashboard...dated and 8-bit infotainment"

The All New Fiesta is described as: less cluttered, simpler, a more rational layout of buttons and a snappy, responsive screen with crisp graphics.

Overall, to hold this title the All New Fiesta had to grow-up in today's society. Ever changing, ever evolving, always moving forward. Reviewed as big-car behaviour, in a classic small Ford agile and poised body - combining ultra-keen engines and a spot-on gearbox. The All New Fiesta is set the move more Brits than any other car will this decade and sets the base for a superb ST hot hatch - which we'll see hit showrooms 2018 as the Fiesta ST.


Ford GT - Top Gear's 2017 Track Car of the Year

3.5L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6


550lb. ft torque

One of the best Power-to-weight ratios of any production car

0-60mph - 2.8secs

Top Speed - 216mph

Weight - 1385kg

Track Mode? - Oh, Yes!

ford gt track mode

Conceptualised and produced with the single goal in mind, to win the GT Le Mans - the Ford GT is a marvel of engineering, tuned specifically to attack the track over and over again. With this in the bag, focus then turned to taming the beast onto roads - give it a new paint job, add a radio and we're done.

"Disrespect it and you'll regret it, but revel in it and, on road and track, it's simply staggering"