Ford Technologies – Active City Stop

Driving in cities can be a stressful experience, with heavy traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, roadworks, multiple lanes and other hazards to contend with. Through the Ford Technologies range, Ford provides a variety of driver assistance systems that take much of the stress out of urban motoring. This new generation of technologies includes innovative Active City Stop.

When you are travelling at speeds up to 30mph, the sensor detects light and motion with a range of up to ten metres in front of the vehicle. It performs a scan of the road ahead 50 times a second for maximum responsiveness. If it senses that you are approaching an object or another vehicle too quickly without taking action, it will apply the brakes automatically. This helps to avoid collisions when travelling at low speeds and reduces the impact of a collision at a higher speed.

This clever, helpful safety technology is available with the new Ford Focus and a selection of other city cars in the range. You can find out more about Active City Stop by contacting your closest SMC Ford dealership today. Discuss the system with one of our teams in Berkshire, Kent or London, and book in for a test drive to experience it first-hand.