Ford Cross Traffic Alert

As part of Ford’s impressive safety portfolio, the Cross Traffic Alert technology is a monitoring system that looks out for you with every mile. Designed to help you detect approaching vehicles while backing up, Cross Traffic Alert is especially useful in conditions where hard-to-see traffic poses an unpredictable danger.

Functioning not unlike a radar system, Cross Traffic Alert detects impending traffic as soon as you shift into the reverse gear. Cross Traffic Alert works in conjunction with the Blind Sport Information system which utilises two sensors mounted in each rear quarter panel. The system’s radar automatically identifies when a vehicle makes its way into the designated blind spot zone and warns you by illuminating an indicator light on the corresponding side-view mirror to warn you that a vehicle is approaching.

Cross Traffic Alert’s range ensures that all approaching vehicles in a 45 feet radius, provided that the sensors are not obstructed. To make the most use out of the Cross Traffic Alert system by increasing its effectiveness and coverage area, it is best to make sure that you are reversing slowly. If the vehicle is rolling backwards but the transmission is not in reverse, Cross Traffic Alert won’t activate.

Alerting you in two distinct ways, Cross Traffic Alert sounds a series of tones and it also triggers a message in the information display to indicate that a vehicle is approaching you on your right or left. This technology works in tandem with another safety feature, the reverse sensing system, which has its own distinct tones.

To ensure the best functioning of Cross Traffic Alert’s sensors, make sure that they are clear of snow, mud and bumper stickers, as these obstructions can impact the system’s technology. The radar sensors are located just behind the rear bumper fascia on the left and right sides of the vehicle. In the event of a sensor being obstructed, a message or a low visibility and warning indicator in the information display will let you know.

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