Ford Technologies – Ford Driver Alert

Ford Driver Alert is now part of the equipment list on a wide range of new Ford models, helping to keep you safe on the road during longer journeys. The system is just one of the many advanced Ford Technologies in next-generation vehicles. These advances uphold Ford’s reputation for developing innovative driver assistance features.

When driving for extended periods, tiredness can set in. Falling asleep on the road is obviously very dangerous and potentially fatal for you, your passengers and other road users. Ford Driver Alert will monitor your levels of alertness through a front camera. It reads the lane markings ahead of you, analysing your driving behaviour based on your road position. When it senses that your driving has become irregular or you veer outside of the lines, it will warn you visually and audibly. If alertness drops further, a second, red warning will appear.

When you end your journey by turning off the engine or opening the driver’s door, the system will reset. You can also monitor how you are driving at any time by checking the information display.

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