Ford Technologies – Ford EcoBoost Engine Technology

It's not about the size of your engine, it's what you do with it...

Advances in the pioneering range of Ford Technologies mean that many new Ford cars now arrive fitted with highly-efficient EcoBoost Engine Technology. Developed to cover a wide range of engine sizes and power levels, EcoBoost uses two simple techniques to maximise performance and fuel economy.

The first of these is Direct Fuel Injection. Fuel is pumped directly into the engine cylinders, enabling greater control of the amount of energy used. This intelligent feature helps you to save money and cut running costs. Turbocharging is the other key aspect of EcoBoost, pushing more air into the engine to improve the overall power output.

In tandem, these systems generate stronger power and performance from smaller engines. This means that all Ford cars demonstrate higher energy and efficiency. Used across the Ford range, EcoBoost technology delivers outstanding fuel economy and CO2 emission figures.