Ford Technologies – Ford Quickclear Heated Windscreen

Icy windscreens can be an additional motoring hazard in winter, causing stress, reduced visibility and delays to journey times. To support drivers during the colder months, the range of Ford ‘Go Further’ Technologies includes the Ford Quickclear Heated Windscreen. It’s a clever built-in system with strong functionality, defrosting your car’s front screen in seconds.

At the touch of a button, the windscreen heats to remove ice without the need for a scraper or de-icer. This patented technology uses a mesh of very thin heating wires, which sit between two layers of tough windscreen glass. As it works to clear the screen, the heating element also frees frozen wipers, preventing damage and lengthening their lifespan. The technology has the added advantage of de-fogging the windscreen as it clears.

The Quickclear Heated Windscreen is available on all new-generation Ford cars. You can trial the technology yourself by taking a test drive from your nearest SMC Ford showroom today. Get in touch with any of our Ford dealerships across Berkshire, London and Kent.