How to Use the Ford SYNC Navigation SD Card

Some vehicles have an optional SD Card Navigation system which enables you to set a destination and manage options using voice commands.

Any options for which a voice command can be used are outlined in blue on the vehicle’s touchscreen. Those not outlined should be touched. When using the command, speak clearly, saying the letters or acronyms or digits one at a time. For example, ‘P-O-I’ or ‘1-4-7’.

If SYNC is struggling to understand destination names, such as ‘Home’ or ‘Work’, try saying ‘My home’ or ‘My work’.

Understanding the SD Card

Commands and actions

There are a wide range of commands that will enable you to focus on the road while SYNC changes the map according to your directions. Below are examples of the most common:

“Destination address [pause] 1-4-7 High Street…” Delivers directions to the required address

“Destination P-O-I [pause] Costa Coffee”Delivers directions to a POI of which you

know the name

“Destination P-O-I [pause] Coffee shop”Delivers directions to a POI you don’t know

the name of

“Destination Home”Delivers directions to your home

“Destination Favourites”Delivers directions to a pre-set favourite


“Show map”Displays the map on the touchscreen

“Zoom in/out”Zooms in or out on the map as required

“Show destination”Displays the destination on the map

“Cancel route”Ends navigation

“Voice guidance on/off”Turns audible direction prompts on or off

Duplicate addresses

Should more than one street address be found for your search, a list of options will be displayed on the touchscreen. Press the one you want to navigate to and when it appears on the map, say “Set as destination.”

Route options

You can choose whether you’d like to get the fastest, shortest, or most eco-friendly route – simply select your preference on the right of the touchscreen and press Start Route. You can also opt to display certain POIs along your route by selecting POI icons at the bottom of the screen and choosing which POIs you want to show.

Re-insert SD Card message

If your SD card becomes dislodged, the navigation function will shut down and a message will appear on the touchscreen explaining that the SD card must be inserted. Simply re-insert the card and the navigation function will return.

To find out more, visit here and watch a short video which explains what to do if your Navigation SD card is accidentally dislodged from its slot.