How to Use the Ford SYNC Navigation

The Ford SYNC navigation system enables you to find the optimal route for your journey by using the simple touchscreen options or voice command. This article explains how to navigate with Ford SYNC 3.

Set your destination

Begin by pressing the Navigation icon in the Feature bar on the touchscreen. This is located at the bottom of the screen. Then press the Destination icon, which enables you to enter a postcode or search for the place you want to go. Alternatively, press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel to tell SYNC your destination.

Searching for a destination

Press the Search icon to type in your desired location to the search bar. This can be an address, point of interest, or intersection. Then press Search to view the results.

When you’ve chosen your destination, press Start Route to begin navigation.

Map mode

You can also choose a destination on Map mode by tapping and holding the interactive touchscreen map until a viewfinder appears. Position your destination under the viewfinder using swiping, zooming, and pinching gestures, then press the Start button to confirm your desired location. A new screen will appear, enabling you to press Set as New Destination.

Map mode allows you to see your route either as a standard 2D map or view 3D landmarks or city models where available.

Setting regular destinations

For faster navigation, you can set Home, Work or other destinations that you use regularly. You can do this by selecting the Destination icon. When the Set a Destination screen appears, press Home/Setup or Work/Setup to set your chosen address as a destination. An Add a Favourite message will appear – simply select Yes to continue.

You can then search for your desired destination in the normal way, and once SYNC finds it, a map and address will be displayed. Click Save to save it or edit the information by using the Arrow icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Other icons

Other icons include:

  • North up icon - instructs SYNC to always show north direction facing towards the top of the screen
  • Heading up icon – shows the direction of forward travel facing the top of the screen
  • Re-centre icon – re-centres the map after you’ve navigated away from your vehicle’s current location
  • Mute Guidance – turns the audio prompts on and off
  • Detour icon – gives you an alternative route to the one you’re on, along with an estimated arrival time