Ford Technologies – Ford Lane Keeping Alert

Ford Technologies are clever inclusions that build on the safety and reliability of your chosen vehicle. Ford Lane Keeping Alert is a pioneering system, which warns you should you unintentionally drift out of your lane on dual carriageways and motorways.

The innovative technology has been designed to improve vehicle safety and prevent accidents caused by drifting and loss of concentration. Using the front-view camera, Ford Lane Keeping Alert monitors the road ahead, processing the images to identify the road markings. When your vehicle is travelling at speeds higher than 40mph, the system alerts you if you drift into another lane by vibrating the steering wheel. If you use your indicators or accelerate laterally, the system will not alert you. This ensures that you are not distracted by unnecessary steering wheel vibration.

Please speak to your closest SMC Ford team for more detail on Ford Lane Keeping Alert and how it could benefit you. We have Ford dealerships in London, Berkshire and Kent – and you can also book a test drive from any of our locations now.