Ford Technologies – Ford Easy Fuel Capless Refuelling System

The Ford Easy Fuel Capless Refuelling System has several advantages. It prevents you from accidentally misfuelling your car, and also acts to deter petrol and diesel thieves.

Fitted as standard on some of the most popular Ford cars, including the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo, the system opening has a built-in inhibitor. This vital, clever addition will automatically stop you from putting the wrong-sized nozzle into the car. It also works to prevent siphoning, as the latches will not release for anything other than a fuel pump nozzle.

Ford’s Easy Fuel Capless Refuelling System is one of several intelligent Ford Technologies, which encompass all aspects of vehicle safety, comfort and convenience. You can find out more about Ford Technologies here on our website or by contacting the team. Please get in touch with SMC Ford today or visit your nearest dealership.