Ford Technologies – Ford Servicing App

As technology advances, Ford continues to lead the motoring industry for driving safety, comfort and convenience. With every new model generation, intelligent systems and technologies arrive to make journeys simpler and easier. The advanced Ford Technologies lineup includes the new Ford Servicing App, which brings a wide variety of features into the cabin.

Wherever you travel in the UK and throughout Europe, you can call on the Ford Servicing App for quick help and support. If you are involved in an accident, you can use the app to contact Ford Assistance, the nearest rescue service and the police - anywhere in Europe. This reassurance gives you the confidence to explore and tackle fresh adventures in your chosen new Ford.

Other features within the app include a list of the nearest Ford dealers and access to online booking for servicing and maintenance. You can also search for the nearest petrol station, learn more about EU traffic rules, and explore the latest Ford offers and promotions.

Find out more about the Ford Servicing App and how it could enhance your driving experience. Get in touch with any of our SMC Ford teams in London, Berkshire or Kent.