Ford Technologies – Ford Telematics

Ford Telematics, powered by Telogis, is one of the most forward-thinking Ford Technologies. These new, intelligent systems enhance the performance, safety and convenience levels for next-generation Ford models.

Created specifically for Ford commercial vehicles, Ford Telematics enables you to monitor and analyse performance statistics across your fleet of vehicles. It makes business motoring simpler, particularly if you have a number of vans to run and maintain.

This convenient tool for fleet managers and business owners keeps track of the following performance metrics:

● Vehicle location
● Time spent on site
● Speed
● Seatbelt use
● Oil life
● Engine temperature
● Idling levels
● Braking force
● Acceleration

All of this feedback is provided in real time, helping you to streamline overall servicing requirements based on the actual performance of each vehicle. This tailored service contributes to reductions in labour and fuel costs, as well as minimising the downtime for your vehicles when they need servicing.

Find out more about Ford Telematics and how the system could help your business by contacting your nearest SMC Ford dealership today. We support companies across Kent, London and Berkshire with expert service and customised Ford motoring solutions.