Ford Technologies – Ford Trailer Sway Control

Drivers of large commercial vehicles or pick-ups, such as the Ford Ranger, typically need the use of a trailer to tow particularly large and heavy loads on a regular basis. To keep you safe while towing, Ford has developed the advanced Trailer Sway Control system. It’s yet another clever technology from the manufacturer, one that will help you stay in control at all times.

If the system detects that your trailer is starting to sway, a stability control light will flash on the dashboard. This alert helps you to quickly notice and correct when a trailer is unstable. You will also see a “trailer sway, reduce speed” message on the information display in front of you. The system will then automatically apply the brakes to individual wheels and reduce engine power to stop your trailer from swaying.

Trailer sway can easily occur if you are travelling too quickly, the trailer is not connected properly, or the trailer has been poorly loaded. It is always recommended that, whenever the stability control light comes on, you stop and check that your trailer is connected correctly and the load is equally spread.

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