Used Ford Fiesta 2013

The Ford Fiesta 2013 was a marked departure from previous iterations of Ford's flagship small car. Featuring a sleek and powerful redesign, the refresh has lasted for four years now, showing just how versatile and timeless it really is. With new features both inside and out, it's not hard to see why the 2013 Fiesta had such an impact.

Interior and exterior design

The most striking additions to the Ford Fiesta 2013 model are arguably on the outside. For a start,  there’s the laser cut headlights and LED running lights, not to mention a smoother, more easily flowing body work design that took the Ford Fiesta ahead of many competitors in the beauty stakes. On the inside, the Ford Fiesta 2013 is far more spacious and comfortable than you may reasonably expect from a three-door hatchback vehicle. The overall driving experience was improved thanks to a retooled central console and menu navigation system.

Engines and performance

The Ford Fiesta 2013 came with a range of engines of varying sizes, but most importantly it was the first car under the Fiesta banner to take advantage of Ford's award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine. The EcoBoost engine unit won International Engine of the Year and could return 65.7mpg, emitting just 99g/km of CO2 in the process. This meant that the Ford Fiesta 2013 was available without car tax, whether you opted for the 98bhp or 123bhp unit.

Safety and technology

As well as the usual full complement of airbags, the Ford Fiesta 2013 was released onto the roads with a wealth of new safety features such as Active City Stop, which would help drivers to avoid collisions at low speed by applying the brakes if a collision was deemed to be imminent. The Fiesta  also came with the MyKey system, which allowed parents to programme a second key for their children. This key could have set parameters such as a limited top speed, more insistent warning alarms if the seatbelt was not used and even a maximum volume for the radio.

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