Motability Adaptations and Conversions from SMC Group in Kent, Berkshire & London

When you receive a car through the Motability scheme, you can choose from a long list of adaptation options. These are designed to make your car as suitable for you as possible, so it’s comfortable to travel in and safe to drive. Most of the modifications are free of charge and will be applied to the vehicle before you drive away from the showroom.

The adaptations are separated into three categories: driving, stowage and access.


These include modifications to the driving controls, be it the pedals, steering wheel or switches, so they are within reach and easier to use.


Get more space in the back or on top of the car for a mobility aid, along with joists to lift it for you.


Enter your car with ease thanks to the installation of swivel seats, transfer plates or joists to lift you in.

Even if you are unable to drive, your carer or a family member could get a car with some of these adaptations so it’s easier to transport you.

Most people organise the adaptations for their car as soon as they start their lease, which is usually for three years. If you drive away and find difficulties using the car, we can add extra modifications to make it more suitable.

SMC proudly represents Ford and Suzuki, which all offer spacious Motability cars that can be easily adapted. View the available models and contact us to arrange an appointment with our team to discuss the many options for the different cars.

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