Zero-emission Diesel with ACCT removing NOx

Ammonia can remove 98% of harmful exhaust emissions from Diesel compared to 60% Euro 6 standards.


Using Ammonia creation & conversion technology, the research team at Loughborough Universityhave developed a system to break down the NOx fumes in Diesel emissions. This is the nitrogen oxide gas that has been demonising diesels in the media recently.

In small quantities like the most modern Euro 6 cars and EcoBlue engines seen in the Ford Transit and New EcoSport range; these aren't very harmful at all and will provide the benefit of greater MPG and efficiency for most drivers.

This new ACCT technology however, takes all worries of evil diesel and harmful emissions, and literally breaks them apart. Currently being tested by multiple car manufacturers and suppliers the team expects market production within 2 years. The system works by converting AdBlue (a fuel after-treatment) into ammonia (ACCT fluid) and then uses that ammonia to destroy the NOx leaving the raw products of clean fuel, nitrogen and water. The added benefit here is that ACCT can work at much lower temperatures than current systems, so in the extreme winter the potential risk of exhaust deposits are no longer an issue.

No More NOx, but what about CO2

The distraction of the demonisation of diesel has come at the cost of ignoring old Petrol engines with high CO2 pollution, and CO2 pollution in general. The introduction of ACCT can work to help create new and exciting opportunities for diesel engines, but if we look to improve the environment we can't simply jump to the alternative high CO2 producing petrol engine. This might not be the case to the new EcoBoost and SHVS hybrid engines luckily so it's worth exploring all the options before ditching diesel, and being smart about your choices.

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