It's that time of year again, the September plate change!

SMC Cars has welcomed the new 66 Plate with a little collage of some of the many handovers we have had during the last couple of weeks with our lovely customers. At SMC Cars we know it’s always something special to collect your brand new car. The waiting is over, the car has been prepared and at last the customer can start the engine and drive away in a brand new vehicle. We always do our very best each time a new car is handed over to its new owner.

SMC Cars are offering a strong line-up of 66 plate models across the range. Have you considered buying your new car yet? To find out more about all the Brand New 66 Plate offers from across our franchise group visit our new car pages, or your local SMC dealership to find the perfect 66 Plate for you.

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Brand New 66 Plates