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Unlearn & Let Go of What You Know!

Unlearn (verb):

"to discard (something learned, especially a bad habit or false or outdated information) from one's memory."

The Unlearn Philisophy

Ford are always experimenting, innovating and reinventing to unlock new ways of moving forwards. It's called unlearn, and it's Ford's philosophy for progression.

Unlearn is not about forgetting the past; it’s about re-imagining possibilities to make progress in all aspects of our lives.

From lifesaving initiatives such as the rear inflatable seatbelt, to dynamic headlights and the camera that lets you see round corners – It’s a philosophy that underpins everything Ford do.

This thinking is exactly what’s needed to produce such distinctive cars like the new Ford Mustang, new Ford GT and new Ford Edge.

Unlearn the New Ford Range

Unlearn Ford

Ford are always unlearning and innovating. Browse through our videos below to see just what we've unlearned and how it's helps us to innovate.