Car cleaning tips

If you decide to forego the professional valet and clean your car yourself, it’s important that you do it correctly. Without the right tools, products and methods, you could easily damage the paintwork. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to clean your car properly.

Step 1 – Cool your car

Park your car in a shaded spot a few hours before you plan on cleaning it. If the car is too hot, it will affect the strength of the chemicals of the cleaning products, potentially damaging the paintwork.

Step 2 – Hose down the car

Remove the dirt before you use products by hosing down the exterior, paying special attention to your wheels Any dirt left on the car could get caught in the sponge, scratching the paintwork as you scrub later.

Step 3 – Sponge it

Use a soapy sponge to wipe down the car. Make sure you invest in a good shampoo that will get rid of any excess dirt while still protecting your paintwork. Never pick the sponge off the ground to use it again if you drop it – it could have picked up a small stone which could leave scratch marks. Remember to scrub your number plate and headlights extra well as these must be free from dirt.

Step 4 – Hose the car

Remove the suds of the shampoo with a hose. It’s best to go from top to bottom to get rid of all the shampoo properly.

Step 5 – Clean the wheels

While the car is drying, pay attention to your wheels. Use a special wheel cleaner, and an alloy one if you have alloys. A brush will help to get rid of dirt build up, and hose down. Then finish with a cloth to leave them shining.

Step 6 – Dry with chamois leather

Use your chamois leather to dry your car and leave it free from streaks. Work fast and use circular motions.

Step 7 – Apply wax

Use the applicator in the wax to rub it over the car. This will make it really shine, so remember to do your wheels too.

Step 8 – Clean the inside

Use a hoover to clean the interior of your car. Take out the floor mats and clean them and the footwells. Then use a glass cleaner to polish the inside of the windows to get rid of any streaks that can disrupt your road view. Wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel, gear knob and instrument panel. If you have any stains in the seats, use an upholstery cleaner and follow the instructions on the label.

If you would like any more tips for maintaining your car, or you notice any problems with your paintwork, contact the servicing team at SMC Cars. You can get in touch over the phone or online using the Live Chat or enquiry form.