Suzuki Business Leasing in London, Kent & Middlesex

Established for over 25 years SMC have a reputation for delivering quality service to all our customers, and that includes our business clients. Whether you are looking to buy a Suzuki car or are interested in a service that provides Suzuki car leasing in Kent, we can help. There is an option to suit all business needs. We are so confident that we can offer you a better service for all of your business & fleet car requirements that we are asking your business to challenge us to work for you. Suzuki Business Finance options include:

Suzuki Lease Purchase

Businesses can use Lease contracts to take ownership of a vehicle, whilst deferring part of the cost until the end of the agreement (this lump sum is based on the estimated resale value of the vehicle when the contract comes to an end). As well as giving your company a low, fixed level of repayments in the short-term, this option means that the car is defined as an asset on your business' balance sheet – and part of its value can therefore be written down against profits. Furthermore, the interest your company pays is allowable against tax.

Suzuki Finance Lease

Available to businesses only, this rental agreement offers an affordable and flexible solution to companies who do not intend to take ownership of their vehicle. Under this agreement, a car is hired out to your company for an agreed period of time, with payments covering a proportion of the total cost of the vehicle along with certain other charges.

When the term comes to an end, the proceeds of the sale (with an administration fee deducted) will be returned to you. It is also possible to reduce monthly costs even further, by postponing a larger “balloon payment until the end of the term. Some or all of the VAT paid on the monthly costs is reclaimable, and rental costs are allowable against taxable proceeds.

Make an enquiry or contact your nearest dealership for further details about the options available.