Suzuki Personal Contract Hire in London, Kent & Middlesex

A car is a substantial purchase for almost everyone, and a financing agreement that suits your specific needs can be just as beneficial in the long-term as your vehicle's affordable headline price. SMC Suzuki are pleased to offer a selection of financing packages to suit the needs of any customers, with conventional loans accompanied by flexible Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase arrangements.

These forms of financing agreements listed above can be described as follows :

Make an enquiry or contact your nearest dealership for further details about the options available.

Suzuki Hire Purchase

This simple agreement enables you to take full ownership of the vehicle by dividing the total cost of your car (minus the deposit) into monthly repayments over a pre-agreed period. Suzuki Hire Purchase deals are available with both fixed and variable interest rates, and repayments can also be made either in advance or arrears – making a Suzuki Hire Purchase agreement even more flexible.

Personal Contract Purchase

These policies are very popular, due to the great choice and flexibility they allow customers. The monthly repayments are calculated by agreeing the cost of the car (plus interest accrued), and deducting both the deposit and estimated value of the car at the end of the term (based on your expected annual mileage). At the end of the agreement (which can be as long as 42 months), customers have the choice of either handing the car back to the dealership or paying the remaining lump sum to take ownership of the car.