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The New 66 plate has landed at SMC Suzuki in London, Kent & Middlesex. For this momentous occasion we are reflecting on the last, truly incredible 50 years, so lets talk you through what we are celebrating...

1966 World Cup

50 years ago England triumphed against West Germany in a thrilling and controversial final at the eighth World Cup and became known as the 'wingless wonders' for their narrow footballing tactics.

Fun Fact: England didn't concede a goal until they reached the semi-final.

Moon Landing

From the Euphoria of the World Cup to the first man landing on the moon, we take a look at how technology has grown in those 50 years and is now available within our Suzuki Vehicles.

Fun Fact: The computers used in the Apollo 11 mission were less powerful than the mobile phones of today.

The Beatles

The floating yellow submarine is a true iconic image of an unforgettable band, The Beatles. 50 years ago they played their last ever concert.

Fun Fact: The first lyrics to "Yesterday" were "Scrambled eggs"

Meteor Shower

One of the most breathtaking Leonid meteor showers ever witnessed took place over North America. The comet Tempel-Tuttle passed closer to the Earths Orbit than any other occasion since 1833, creating an astonishing display.

Fun Fact: Historical records of the Leonid's date back to 902 A.D

Lunar Orbiter

Last but not least the Luner Orbiter 1 was launched in 1966 designed to photograph smooth areas of the lunar surface.

Fun Fact: All five Lunar missions captured 99% of the Moon with a resolution of 60 m or better.


What an incredible 50 years, it's time to celebrate at SMC and drive away in a brand new 66 plate Suzuki. Click below and browse our new car offers, book a test drive today and experience today's technology!

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