Transit Centre Service Pricing

All prices are inclusive of parts, labour and VAT.*

What's more, as part of the service we can arrange a 12 month roadside assistance package which will include:

  • Home start
  • Roadside assistance in the UK
  • Recovery throughout Europe, 24 hours a day
  • Available for cars and vans​

Model1st Service2nd Service3rd Service
Fiesta Van (Interval: 12.5k)£215£215£315
Model1st Service2nd Service3rd Service
Ranger 2011 2.2ltr (Interval: 20k) £320£450£320
Ranger 2011 3.2ltr (Interval: 20k) £385£465£385
Ranger 2015 2.2ltr (Interval: 20k) £64.80£370£64.80
Ranger 2015 3.2ltr (Interval: 20k) £64.80£460£64.80


Model1st Service2nd Service3rd Service
Transit 2009 3.2ltr £245 £319 £245
Transit Custom (Interval: 15k) £64.80 £285 £64.80
Transit 2014 (Interval: 15k) £245 £319 £245


Model1st Service2nd Service3rd Service
Transit Courier 1.5 & 1.5 TDCi (Interval: 20k/1yr) £245 £319 £245
Transit Courier 1.0 EcoBoost (Interval: 20k/1yr) £245 £319 £245
Transit Connect 2002 (Interval: 12.5k) £245 £319 £245
Transit Connect 2002 (Interval: 15k) £245 £319 £245
All-New Transit Connect (Interval: 20k) £245 £319 £245
All-New Transit Connect 1.6 Petrol (Interval: 12.5k) £245 £319 £245


Routine Maintenance
Brake Fluid Change £49.95
Antifreeze Change £59.95

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*All prices listed as a guide and may vary between different models. For other model and engine types, please contact us for details.
Transit prices are for models excluding Transit fitted with DANA axle.
Service mileage intervals vary by model and engine type, and are defined by mileage and 12 month intervals(detailed in the vehicle service book)
Timing belt may need replacing at additional cost depending on age and mileage of vehicle.
Prices exclude environmental waste disposal charge.
Any additional work is subject to a subsequent estimate.
Prices exclude LPG, particulate filter or fluid renewal. Additional £199.00 for fluid replacement).